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Anna's Promise -- D.G. Schulman
Anna's Promise
May 1, 2023

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Compelling historical and contemporary fiction for those who love an adventure

Praise for Anna's Promise

"Anna's Promise” provides a genuinely engrossing, candid, and insightful look at the lives of a special community and the individual lives and perspectives of the characters."  Jack Adler, writer/journalist/teacher and author of over twenty books.


Dear Reader,

Does reading fiction make us better people?  Some studies have shown it does.  Novels transport us with vivid mental pictures of characters and remote communities and allow us to access a character’s interior world in a way we normally cannot. 

Writing is my mind’s flight simulator, just as pilots can practice flying without ever leaving the ground. My characters’ dreams and disappointments become my own.  Writing makes me better at understanding human beings.  Sometimes it helps me make sense of the world. And that’s why I’m hooked on writing and have been for most of my life.

My characters surprise me, transport me to places I’ve never been, and teach me empathy as I put myself in their shoes.  And novels allow me to view my characters’ lives over many years.  I learn from their mistakes, and my heart races when they’re in danger and when they fall in love. While I have the luxury of none of the risks, I get the thrill of the journey as I learn about the world.

Please come along, disengage and relax, immerse in an adventure.

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